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Editing Services

If you want credibility as a writer, your work must be flawless and professionally presented. That means it must exhibit a superlative command of the English language. If your work is rife with mistakes and difficult to decipher, people will not take it seriously, nor will they respect you as a writer.

I can provide top-notch editing and proofreading services for your work and help make it easily readable.

I have 30 years’ experience as a journalist/writer along with 12 as a magazine and newspaper editor. I have written hundreds of newspaper and magazine articles, and I am the author of several scholarly journals as well as two books. My specialty is nonfiction. I can also edit research papers, having written hundreds of my own.

I can help make your work not only presentable but impressive. My editing can be either light or heavy, as you deem fit. As you choose, I can edit for following criteria:
• Organization
• Flow
• Reading comprehensibility
• Veracity (fact-checking)
• Logic/strength of argument
• Word choice
• Redundancy
• Grammar
• Spelling and punctuation
• Style issues (specialize in AP and Chicago styles)

In addition, I can provide layout, design, and pagination services. Contact me at fitzrite@att.net or call me at (904) 388-3224.